As a population of 1.3 billion stays indoors to fight the Covid-19 virus, India is finding it difficult to get a move on and questions are being asked about what the 21-day lockdown can do to the crucial logistics sector of the country.

A significant economic fallout of the novel virus is the resulting inefficiencies across the country’s already overburdened logistics landscape, which, according to India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) employs more than 40 million people and contributes $200 billion-plus to the economy. The vast segment, considered to be the lifeline of the country, holds critical importance as it connects various markets, suppliers, and customers dotted across the country.

In the wake of the growing crisis, it was decided that this critical sector should be allowed to function, especially when carrying essential commodities. However, on the sixth day of the lockdown, the wheels are coming off.

Citing operational constraints, the country’s largest eCommerce marketplaces Flipkart and Amazon have suspended their logistics services for sellers on its platform. Also, according to the Retailers Association of India (RAI), the supply chain of about 25,000-30,000 supermarkets have so far been impacted due to the lockdown announced.

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