Air Freight

Experience the BDG Air Export Difference

  • Customized Routings: sourcing all major airlines available, customizing each route based on shipment, airline, shipper, and consignee parameters; all airlines choice services available within this service
  • Pre-Booking: we initiate booking with the airline upon pick up of the cargo, & provide advance booking confirmation
  • Verification: we verify the pieces, weight and condition of the cargo at our designated warehouse
  • Export Preparation: during the pick up process we will request copies export documents and the SLI (Shipper’s Letter of Instruction); once we have this data we begin to prepare the shipment by processing the AES and export air waybill
  • Fewer Parties Involved: for cargo that is repeat and CPT or CIP, we can ship direct on the airline
  • Specialized Agents: we have designated agents through out the world that can assist us in receiving and managing the shipment at the final destination

BDG Air Freight Service

  • Does not wait for a consolidation day or mix your cargo with other parties cargo
  • Transfers at origin quicker to the airline and remains more secure
  • Ready for customs clearance faster at destination
  • Less fees at destination for your client to pay
  • This service can save 1-2 days at origin and 1-2 days at destination

We offer two customized air services: direct airway bill service and one house air waybill service, commonly called a back-to-back.

Direct Air Waybill (DAWB)

  • A DAWB service is shipped on the airline Direct Air Waybill without a House Air Waybill
  • It is not transferred to an off site forwarder warehouse & no waiting for the transfer
  • Exporters like this service for repeat cargo, no special requirements, prepaid (CPT, CIP), Dangerous Goods, Perishables, Urgent shipments

One House Air Waybill (1HAWB)

  • A 1HAWB service is shipment consisting of one HAWB & one Master Air Waybill (MAWB)
  • Our designated agent is included in the shipment as the consignee on the MAWB
  • The cargo may remain at the airlines side or it may transfer based on local procedures
  • Exporters like this service when they want to have more control over the export, the consignee does not have a confirmed Customs Broker, there are special requirements, the shipment is collect or the shipment is prepaid to door (common Incoterms: EXW, FCA,DAP, DDP)

Disclaimer: Based on compliance to government regulations and all Airline Terms & Conditions apply

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