As of May 21st India has recorded 26031991 confirmed cases which include 259551 new cases. While the total number of recovered cases reaches 22712735 including 357295 new recoveries. Keeping the current situation in mind some states extended lockdown.

Lockdown update: 

Delhi has extended lockdown till 31st May.

Andhra Pradesh Has extended till 31st May.

Rajasthan has extended till 31st May.

Maharashtra has extended till 1st June.

Chhattisgarh extended till May 31

Uttar Pradesh extended till 24th May.

Madhya Pradesh Extended till 24th May

Karnataka Extended till 24th May. 

Expectations: Lockdown in states like Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, and Karnatka may go beyond 31st May for more than 14 days. 

Flight operation: GOI has banned International commercial flights till 31st May 2021.

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