India PM Narender Modi announced a complete lockdown in India for 21 days to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic. The lockdown begins on Wednesday, 25th March 2020 bringing everything except essential services to a halt till 14th March 2020

This complete lockdown in India means that nobody can leave an area. People must stay where they are and may not enter or exit the area under lockdown. All the public transport – intercity/interstate, public places such as malls, shops, cinemas, gyms will be closed during this period. Shops that sell essential goods will be allowed to open. 

Due to this lockdown effective this week there is business impact as the movement by road is fully restricted and this is affecting the movement of cargo to and from the ports, ICDs and CFSs
The lockdown is in place up to 14th April so we expect that there will be little or no cargo movement.

Effects on Freight and Transportation:

– Indian govt earlier announced all International flights to and from India suspended from 22nd March to 29th March. Now this possibly will get extended further up to 15th April

– Likewise, international flights all domestic flights have been suspended from till 31st March, this may also get an extension.

– International Freights are operating at some major airports, however, the frequency reduced by the airlines.

– All Road Transport has been restricted so the movement of goods has come to a complete halt

– Indian govt says that the Cargo Trains for movement of goods is on schedule, whereas all passengers trains will not till 31st March and this may get extended further

– Labors are not reporting due to quarantine, so many ports have stopped working such as Nhava Sheva. Due to Covid-19 local labors, transport drivers and forklift operators are not able to attend CFS to carry out the daily chores.