Asia-US Trans-Pacific Hits the Capacity!

The shortage of containers has now hit the limit. An official report has been received stating the Asia-US trans-pacific trade is facing massive congestion due to the problem that has now taken a very challenging turn. This has caused LA and Long Beach oceans to take some extreme measure in order to get some control over the problem due to the issue arose. Sailings have now been completely canceled, and it has not been done because of the lack in demand from the public but due to the passage being blocked as several ships are stuck waiting for the berths.

The passage block is caused due by the lack of recovery vessels as it saves time and problems caused due to long waits in the port and since the container shortage has now become a serious issue, there is no room for recovery vessels since taking care of bare minimal are at stake. In the difficult times, every member of the port realizes a need to get back on schedule while it seems very difficult to get on the tracks anytime soon.

Despite heavy demands of Cargo Asia-US sailings have witnessed about 11% dip in sailing on Feb 21 when compared to Jan’ 21.

What is the reason behind it?

It is all the more same. When the vessels are already stuck and are held awaited at the ports, it is not possible that they will be able to make a return journey and hence cannot start the sailing it was supposed to, earlier. The officials do not have a choice of blank sailing anymore. They have become a necessity now, more than ever.

The count of ships held awaited has not hit the bottom of 30 ever since the year 2021 has begun and this clearly states the seriousness of the issue. The condition only turns worse with the storm conditions arriving at the sea where about 30 plus vessels had to leave the anchorage and move into the sea. The conditions are worse than stated with this many vessels to sustain and 55 mph gusting wind causing a swell reach to about 15 feet.

What has caused this situation?

Due to the lockdown caused due to COVID 19, the high inbound volumes have arisen and has made the trading on the ports very congestive. The large volume of containers shipped from Asia did not match the volume of exports from the US caused the misbalance in the system.